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Digital To Garment


Digital To Garment Printing

Are you looking for cheap custom t-shirts no minimum required? You’ve come to the right place! Yes, we can print white ink on a dark shirt! Digital printing also known as Direct- to-Garment (DTG) Printing is the process that lets us print full color, photo quality images directly onto your custom printed t-shirt within minutes. The Brother GtX-422 is the latest and greatest in dark shirt DTG printing. It is capable of printing a white “under-base” for the ink to sit on, which allows for bright vibrant colors even on black shirts Our no minimum custom shirts are able to be done with full color t-shirt printing, which makes your product much more affordable than a screen printed product. DTG printing allows us to offer you a new and innovative way of creating a cheap custom shirt with no minimum. With our quick standard turn-around time, your digital print will be delivered fast and on time.

If you need custom t-shirts no minimum, DTG printing has huge advantages over silk screen printing. With silk screening, there is a complicated art preparation process and long set-up times. Silk screening is also unable to accurately reproduce a photograph on a custom printed shirt. With low minimum digital t-shirt printing, you have the freedom to print limited quantities of custom designed t-shirts and other apparel due to the ease, efficiency and afford-ability of the printing process. At Tmendous there is no minimum order on DTG items.


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Are all direct to garment digital prints the same? Heck no! There are different machine manufactures and even different models within the same. Some print on darks, some only on lights. We use a Brother brand commercial direct to garment printing which prints on both dark and light colors. This lets us offer a wider variety than what other printers might be able to offer. The inks, pretreat and other manufacturing processes might be different as well. If you want to see a physical sample of our direct to garment printing, we do offer them so be sure to check them out! No matter which method of printing that we offer, you can be sure that you will bet the best quality custom t-shirts that you’ve ever had! We often get asked how direct to garment printing is done, and we like to describe it by saying just like your printer at home! It takes CMYK ink cartridges except for its for garments and commercial printing. Direct to garment printing can be a really great choice for custom t-shirt printing needs. If you are unsure if direct to garment printing is right for you, let our team help.