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Rhinestoning just got easier! Add some sparkle and shine to your custom apparel with rhinestones! You can do your entire design in rhinestones or just add some rhinestone accents to your screen-printed shirts. Rhinestones are perfect for special events, resale, teams, and more! You can even get personalized names and numbers in bling — perfect for your team or group! Rhinestones are a cheap way to jazz up your t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, koozies, and more! If you are a dance team or any group that just wants to do something a little different, a shirt with custom rhinestones is the way to go. Our rhinestones are professionally applied so you don’t have to worry about them falling off! It’s bedazzling taken to a whole new level!

Rhinestone Shirt & Garment Options

Whether you are looking for custom rhinestone t-shirts, bedazzled shirts or rhinestone tank top, you’ll find what you are looking for with our amazing rhinestone shirt collection.  If you are looking for cheap rhinestones, you might not be at the right place. Our rhinestone application process is permanent using only the finest quality Korean rhinestones. This ensures that wash after wash, wear after wear, your rhinestones will outlast the t-shirt. If you’ve ever had issues with your bling falling off, you might not be getting the best quality rhinestones for your tanks or tees. If you do have any issues with your stones, let us know and we will stand behind and replace your rhinestone shirts.



Custom designs are also available, however like our Embroidery service there is a set up charge for creating your rhinestone templates and this process also takes longer to produce so unfortunately its not an item we can do whilst you wait due to the time taken to complete this process.